Do you know your kids’ next vaccine? We do.

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Shot Schedule

Do you know which shots your children will receive at their next appointment, which shots are overdue, which shots they’ve completed?

Our schedule feed will make the status of your children’s shots clear the moment you open the app. There’s no need to worry about missing shots and if you do, you’ll know which ones to catch up.

It’s completely flexible, so if you need to have a shot outside of the CDC’s recommended schedule or you don’t want your children to receive a certain vaccine, it will help you keep track.

Schedule feed

Cloud Storage

Worried about losing your smart-phone, your data when you upgrade your phone or that you’ll simply forget to bring your phone to the pediatrician?

We’ll store your records in the cloud so whatever happens to your device, you can always get the data back. We’ll keep it safe for as long as you want us to.

Because our app has web access, if you forget to bring your phone to the pediadiatrician simply use your spouce’s or your pediatrician’s computer.

Cloud storage


Have you ever missed a pediatrician appointment or had to reschedule your life because you didn’t remember it until very the last minute?

Our reminders feature plugs directly into our appointment tool. Simply schedule an appointment for which ever shots your children need and we’ll make sure you remember it.

Reminders link up with your Google calendar, so you can see when they’re on and you won’t accidentally schedule anything over the top of them.

Schedule feed


Need your children’s vaccine records for the new school year or a summer camp?

Our reporting feature will prepare your children’s records in the format you need, whether it’s a printed copy, email or pdf.

You can also print growth charts to see how your children are growing against developmental norms.

Cloud storage

Meet the team

Vaccine Keeper is a family business founded in 2013 by parents who want to help other parents.

Michael Janiak


Management consultant by day, developer by night, Michael is responsible for operations and getting things done.

Pui Janiak


A product designer for a leading global apparel company, Pui is the design lead for Vaccine Keeper and the inspiration for the kids product.

Prasith Govin


A 15 year Java Tyrannasaurus, Prasith is responsible for defining Vaccine Keeper’s technical direction and scratching himself.